As1 Arena

Ireland's weekly tournament arena

As1 Arena

As Ireland opens back up after COVID_19 pandemic, we are altering the structure of our regular events to bring more tournaments to each of the scenes and communities in Ireland. Every week we will be hosting live streamed tournaments with additional casual setups & providing a weekly home for competitive tournaments across Dublin & the country. Our aim is to provide a streamed tournament platform for each of the Irish FGC communities & showcase Irish talent in a competitive environment.

We are currently finalizing details with our venue partner The Academy Plaza hotel & will have additional information in the coming weeks

There will be cash prizes, swag giveaways & will feature the best Irish talent competing each month. Our game roster will include all the major fighting games and we will be providing schedules in the coming weeks. We will also have the best Irish commentary talent calling the shots throughout each tournament.



Together we will adapt.

Training is the heart of competition


In an effort to find a new & safe way to host events, we are working with our venue partners on their road map to re-opening in order to establish a new set of normal rules for our events. We are formatting events around different game titles and complimentary games with a weekly rotating main tournament, casual stations for play & live commentary from the established and emerging talent in Ireland. We will provide a schedule in advance so you can compete in your game.

Tournaments will include:

  • SFV:CE
  • Tekken 7
  • MK11: Aftermath
  • DBFZ
  • Smash Ultimate
  • Samurai Shodown
  • Guilty Gear Strive
  • Soul Calibur VI

We will facilitate new & other game titles upon request.



These are designed to get us back to playing safely & are made in conjunction with our venue partners.

  • Event Organiser decisions are final.
    • This one hasn’t changed.
  • Judges decisions are only subject to review if DQ is an issue.
    • All other judge decisions are final.
  • Personal Hygiene.
    • Show up washed & clean. Wash your hands regularly when at event.
    • Vaccinations will be mandatory until such time that the restrictions change.
    • Facemasks will be mandatory until such time that the restrictions change.
  • We will be regularly wiping down the consoles & monitors with sanitizing wipes
  • Online registration preferred.
    • We will only be accepting cash in special circumstances.



As1 Arena

"Right now, your competition is training"