CT 2020 cancelled

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Posted 2 years ago by Aaron Jackson

CT 2020 live event is cancelled.

A statement repeated across the world & all too familiar for many TO’s, communities & fighting games organisations. The COVID 19 pandemic has put our lives into perspective. Ireland has seen its share of this terrible disease & we have sacrificed our time, our efforts & in some tragic cases, our lives to over come it. To try host this year would be irresponsible and dangerous to our staff, attendees & volunteers so we took the early decision to cancel.

Ireland is at the start of a delicate recovery. One we envisage may see repeated closures until a vaccine is available. We will be looking at operating smaller, local monthly tournaments when government guidance allows for the us to safely do so & you will find more information about these at the link provided.

To fill our souls with some fighting games this year, we are hosting CT 2020 Online. See link for more information.

We will be back for CT 2021. Until then, see you online, stay safe and keep practising!