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Puyo Puyo Champions

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Let’s Puyo Shoubu!!

Join the PuyoGB this September at CT 2020 Online.


Puyo Puyo Champions is coming to CT 2020 Online #Blacklivesmatter in association with the PuyoGB community. They are working with us again this year in an online capacity to host a Friday night tournament for our Puyo champions fans.


  • This tournament will be administered via the CT discord server in the Puyo online channel.
  • Upon entering the server, in the #tournament-registration channel you should see instructions on how to self enroll into your tournament.
    • You must change your discord nickname on the server to your smash.gg username in order to participate.
    • Instructions on how to do this are also in the #tournament-registration channel.
  • A brief explanation of the channels
    • Tournament-rules-brackets. A channel to tell competitors the rules of the tournament & how to report scores.
    • Match-Calling. This channel is only for judges to tag players & call them for their matches.
    • Match-Reporting. This channel is for players to report scores for their match to judges.
    • Salt-Corner. This is a casual chat for anyone who is a part of the tournament to vent frustration or chat.
    • Spectators-Area. This is where competitors can chill out, chat with their voice.
  • After you play your match, the WINNER must report your score in the match reporting channel
    • You must clearly identify the winner and the margin.
    • Losing players MUST like the report as confirmation.
  • Stream Matches
    • If a match is selected to be ‘on-stream’, you will wait until you are called in the match-calling channel at the appropriate time & follow the judges instructions
  • The stream channel is PuyoGB.
    • Select matches will be chosen at the discretion of the TO.

Match settings:

  • Played on Nintendo Switch version of Puyo Puyo Champions v2.02. Please update your game to the current version.
  • 32-player Double-Elimination using Puyo 2 Rules.
  • All matches will be a FT5 single-set match.
  • Winners and Losers Finals will be a FT7 single-set match.
  • Grand Finals will be a FT10 single-set match, with a bracket reset should the Loser beat the Winner.
  • Puyos to clear: 4 (default).
  • Garbage Rate: 70 (default). – Quick Drop: Off (default).
  • Rooms must be passworded with the code 1254.
  • Spectators must be set to on, but must have cheering off.
  • All matches, where required, should have a member of the PuyoGB or CT staff acting as a spectator to adjudicate the match.
  • We request all players to save their replays prior to Top 8, and have them available to upload. All matches will be called under #match-calling, and we request players to post their scores under #match-reporting.

We would normally set a ticket as mandatory to register for the event. As we are hosting this years event as a fundraiser for #BLM, we have set a couple of options below for donation. To register as a player you also need to click register for event ->


Please register with Smash.gg

Before you proceed with your event donation, please make sure you have registered on Smash.gg for bracket.

Ticket Information

CT2021 €10 Donation
€ 10
( Remaining tickets 999 )
A donation to helps us towards CT 2021. All donations will be used to fund operations.
€10 Donation to #Blacklivesmatter
€ 10
( Remaining tickets 999 )
Suggested donation for our fundraiser for #BlackLivesMatter. If you would like to donate more, just select multiple tickets!

Date And Time

18-09-20 06:00 PM to
11:30 PM





Event Category

CT 2020 Online

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