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Rising star of the newest generation of fighting games. Play UNICLR at CT 2020 Online.


UNICLR for CT 2020 online is hosted in conjunction with Parsec, providing us with an unparalleled platform for net-play. This tournament will use Parsec for stream matches so players must familiarise themselves with the free parsec app & how to connect to the Celtic Throwdown Tournament PC. Off stream matches can use native PC net-play connection.


  • This tournament will be administered via the CT discord server in the UNICLR online channel.
  • Upon entering the server, in the #tournament-registration channel you should see instructions on how to self enroll into your tournament.
    • You must change your discord nickname on the server to your smash.gg username in order to participate.
    • Instructions on how to do this are also in the #tournament-registration channel.
  • A brief explanation of the channels
    • Tournament-rules-brackets. A channel to tell competitors the rules of the tournament & how to report scores.
    • Match-Calling. This channel is only for judges to tag players & call them for their matches.
    • Match-Reporting. This channel is for players to report scores for their match to judges.
    • Salt-Corner. This is a casual chat for anyone who is a part of the tournament to vent frustration or chat.
    • Spectators-Area. This is where competitors can chill out, chat with their voice.
  • Stream Matches
    • If a match is selected to be ‘on-stream’, you will wait until you are called in the match-calling channel at the appropriate time & then connect to the CT 2020 Tournament PC using the Parsec app.
  • The stream channel will be AsOne.
    • All top 8 will be streamed with most of Top 16.
    • Select earlier matches will be chosen at the discretion of the TO.

Game Rules:

  • Game version: Parsec (PC)
  • Game Settings: Versus Mode,  3/5 matches, 99 Seconds
  • The top 8 competitors will play 3/5 matches.
  • If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.
  • Lag switching or cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.

We would normally set a ticket as mandatory to register for the event. As we are hosting this years event as a fundraiser for #BLM, we have set a couple of options below for donation. To register as a player you also need to click register for event ->

Please register with Smash.gg

Before you proceed with your event donation, please make sure you have registered on Smash.gg for bracket.

Ticket Information

CT2021 €10 Donation
€ 10
A donation to helps us towards CT 2021. All donations will be used to fund operations.
€10 Donation to BlackLivesMatter
€ 10
Suggested donation for our fundraiser for #BlackLivesMatter. If you would like to donate more, just select multiple tickets!

Date And Time

19-09-20 02:00 PM to
09:00 PM





Event Category

CT 2020 Online

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