Monthly Events

Bi-Monthly local tournaments

Monthly Events

As Ireland opens back up after COVID_19 pandemic, we are altering the structure of our monthly events to ensure a safe environment for everyone attending. The new rules & structures will remain in place until we have a vaccine for COVID_19. Whilst we prefer not to split our events, we are working under new conditions and we must act accordingly.

This is a learning process & we will analyse the game split to make sure it is suitable and correct.


Together we will adapt.

There are currently no events.

Our New Normal


In an effort to find a new & safe way to host FGC events, we are working with our venue partners on their road map to re-opening in order to establish a new set of normal rules for our events. We are splitting up the monthly events into 2 monthly events with game division to ensure capacity concerns are met under new guidelines.

Game Split 1

  • – SFV:CE
  • – MK11
  • – DBFZ
  • – Samurai Showdown/Soul Calibur 6

Game Split 2

  • – Tekken
  • – Smash
  • – UNICLR
  • – Guilty Gear/BB

We will facilitate new & other game titles upon request. These will still be subject to our new rules and capacity restrictions.

We will only be returning to our pre-COVID rules when Ireland fully reopens.

New Rules


These are designed to get us back to playing safely & are made in conjunction with our venue partners.

  • Event Organiser decisions are final.
    • This one hasn’t changed.
  • Judges decisions are only subject to review if DQ is an issue.
    • All other judge decisions are final.
  • Hotel/Venue rules on congregation and social distancing in foyers and other public area.
    • These guides will be available to read.
  • Face-masks. Mandatory. NO EXCEPTIONS! Bring one or you won’t be granted access.
  • Personal Hygiene.
    • Show up washed & clean. Wash your hands regularly when at event.
  • We will be regularly wiping down the consoles & monitors with sanitising wipes
  • Online registration only.
    • We will not be accepting cash for the foreseeable future. Everything will be online reg & cap’d for max entrants
  • Staggered starting times.
    • We will be staggering starting times to help facilitate a staggered attendee entry
  • Head-to-head up setups only.
    • This is help facilitate social distancing rules. It will mean fewer setups in the meantime.



FGC Monthlies

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