More than just running brackets

Posted 3 years ago by Chris Millar

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for a FGC event? Well Celtic Throwdown is the place to be, and this event will prepare you for much more than just setting up your next game on stream.

Celtic Throwdown has always been a highlight of the year for me for many reasons.

From the inaugural year in 2015 it has been an event full of exciting fond memories.

The sense of community that fills the halls of CT, it is one of the most unique environments that I have experienced and this is a shared though from a lot of attendees, I mean where else in the world can you engage in some of the most competitive fighting games with the best in the world then have a drink and try to answer question about biscuits in the highly anticipated and competitive CT pub quiz?

My first interaction with CT was in 2015 I was working alongside a gaming community in Belfast and had reached out to A.J and Brian to see if we could link up to help each other out and bring some life back into the Belfast FGC, my initial year i was competing in MKX and helping out on a smaller scale as a TO when able.


As the years went on and I got to know A.J and Brian on a more personal and professional level I was able to take on more and more responsibilities and be involved in things that I never dreamed as well as get to pick their brains on a multitude of topics.

Being a volunteer at CT has opened more doors for me than most people would think, the weekend of CT is hard work, i’m usually one of the first volunteers at the hall and one of if not the last to leave, but the feeling of accomplishment outways any other feeling.

The knowledge and experience I have picked up from my time with CT has allowed me to expand my career path into  a new direction giving me the skills I need to begin my foray into management.

AJ’s trust in me has allowed me to learn how to engage with companies on a direct and corporate level as well as flex my management,leadership and optimisation skills to a whole new level. Without the opportunity I was giving to volunteer I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now in my career path, my weeks leading up to CT I live in Excel and I wouldn’t have it any other way and im thankful for it every year

CT has a plethora of opportunities for the community at large to get involved and pick up new skills that will benefit them in a multitude of ways from something as simple as how to run a bracket for your own local events to giving you the skills to expand your carer and make friends for life because nothing brings people together like a last minute scramble.

So next time the volunteer sheet comes around don’t be afraid to sign up, come get your hands dirty and pick up some life changing skills and memories.

CT and the IFGC is the perfect example of what a community is and you would be hard pressed to find a better group of people to call friends.


– Chris Millar

Lion Of Peral