Welcome Warrior, to Celtic Throwdown

Celtic Throwdown has, for three years, been one of Ireland’s biggest and most exciting competitive gaming events, and this year it’s growing even further!

Celtic Throwdown is an official stop on several gaming world tours, bringing Irish gaming to a higher profile than it’s ever been before. Last year, over 150,000 people watched CT via twitch alone! People have travelled from Korea, Japan, France, Sweden, and the USA for the prestige of winning one of these titles.

Celtic Throwdown is not just about playing in competitions though, it’s hosted previews for upcoming games, its famous gaming quiz, and has an abundance of casual set ups to play on. If you just want to relax or enjoy the drama you can watch the tournaments unfold on the huge spectator screens. You never know what answer you’ll find in the heart of battle!

Planning for CT2019 has already begun.